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Date of Birth: 11.19.1971

Hometown: Encinitas, California

Bio: Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath brought Supercross to the mainstream, winning 7 AMA Championship titles between 1993 and 2000, not to mention amassing a record 72 main event wins. His charisma and flair transcend the sport, and have propelled him to mega-stardom with a fan base that extends well beyond the universe of motor heads. He’s credited with innumerable advents in motocross. Some even say he's responsible for the birth of freestyle motocross in the '90s, when he unveiled his signature Nac-Nac, a bicycle maneuver he started throwing around in races in ‘94. Another big first, Jeremy was the first athlete on the SPY team, and remains a big part of the brand’s energy to this day.


Jeremy’s amazingly smooth style paired with his flashy gear, including custom painted helmets, set him apart from the rest of the riders of the time. McGrath’s Supercross success carried over to X-Games, where he earned four medals in three different MX disciplines, including a Step Up gold in 2004.


Since retiring from full-time motorcycle competition in 2003, McGrath still tests for factory Honda and competes in special events. His new passion is off-road truck racing where he competes in the Lucas Oil Off-road series.


Jeremy calls Encinitas, California home where he lives with his wife and two daughters. In addition to family time, golf, and mountain biking, he spends plenty of time riding moto at Thing Valley Ranch—his own personal track in Alpine.