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Date of Birth: 5.14.1979

Hometown: Austin, Texas (via Australia) 

Bio: Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald is a six-time Ironman Champion, overall kick-ass human and one of the most talented multisport athletes to ever come out of Australia. A dominate force in Ironman competitions, McDonald has collected heaps of trophies domestically and internationally, making him a threat to those looking to impinge on his journey to the podium. Often seen at the front of the peloton, McDonald is most impressive when he’s aboard his bike. His favorite pre-race meal is fried chicken, and after he’s whipped his opposition, he dives into a post meal of candy and ice cream. Gutsy and down-to-earth, Big Sexy isn’t afraid to pound a few beers or man handle long, taxing rides on his bike; factors which make him a perfect fit for SPY’s performance family.