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Date of Birth: 3.5.1981

Hometown: Loma Linda, California

Bio: Two-time National cyclocross champion Ryan Trebon is a beast, and we’re not just talking about his height. Nicknamed “Tree Farm,” for his lanky 6’5” frame, Trebon lives in Bend, Oregon and specializes in mountain and cyclocross racing. In 2006 he won the USA National Cross-County Mountain Bike Championships and the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships, making history as the first American man to take titles in both disciplines during the same year. Known for his humorous, laid back personality before and after a race, make no confusion; when it’s on, it’s on. Recently winning both the pro men’s division and eliminator race at the Ute Valley Pro XCT, Trebon is set to cause a ruckus for many years to come.