Khai Krepela Wallride from Level 1's  IF3 Movie of the Year 'Small World'



DOB:  4/29/91

HOMETOWN:  Park City, UT

BIO:  A true rail technician, Khai Krepela’s snappy switch ups and crisp, calculated style has been turning heads for several years.  Don’t be fooled; his world-class skiing contrasts a down-to-earth, mellow, hard working and ultimately Happy headspace. Khai’s quick come up can be attributed to eyebrow-raising film segments and web edits with Level 1 Productions, Good Company, Toy Soldiers Productions, Good Enough, I Ride Park City, 4bi9, Ski The East and the list goes on. In summer months, Khai spends time fly fishing and reeling in trophies in the streams and rivers surrounding Salt Lake City.

FAVORITE GOGGLE: Ace Fatigue w/ Happy Lens™

FAVORITE SUNGLASS: Malcolm - Soft Matte Black w/ Happy Gray Green Polar