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Date of Birth: 7/19/1984

Hometown: Billings, Montana

Bio: Wiley Miller has been a man of the backcountry ever since he grew up shredding with his brother outside of Big Sky, Montana. He’s a perennial film and photo star who crushes huge lines, cliffs, gaps and everything in-between by sending styled out spins and high-speed butters into bottomless landings. Wiley took home the People’s Choice award for his X Games Real Ski Backcountry edit in 2013, a true testament to his strong work ethic and aesthetically timeless style. Keep your eyes peeled this season for Wiley in his personal YLESKI film project, the Orage Masters at Retallack, a Level 1 film segment and another banger X Games Real Ski edit, each of which will surely be a sight to behold.