Brian Stack

DOB: December 9th 1997

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Category: Category 3 and Junior Men 17-18

Discipline: Road and track.

Top Results:  5th place overall at GC 2014 San Dimas Stage Race Junior Men 17-18, 1st at 2013 Torrance Criterium Junior Men 15-16, 1st at 2013 Rosena Ranch Circuit Race Junior Men 15-16.

Favorite Race: Boulevard Road Race.

Favorite Place to Ride: East County San Diego.

Race Bike: Giant Propel Advanced with Sram Red 22 and Zipp 303 Tubular Wheels.

Favorite Food on the Bike: Harmony Bars.

Favorite Food off the Bike: Pasta with meat sauce.

Drink of Choice on the Bike: MRI EO2 Edge Tropical Punch.

Drink of Choice off the Bike: Mango-Peach smoothie.

If I'm not Riding: I'm doing homework. I'm 16 after all—there isn't much time for anything more than homework and school.

Life Goal: To get a good education and a good job so that I can ride my bike the rest of my life!

One thing you don't know about me: I've never gotten a B in my life, and I hope saying that doesn't jinx it.