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Chris Johnson

Date of Birth:  10/29/1992

Hometown: San Marcos, California
Road: cat 2     MTB: Pro XC
almost 100% roadie, sometimes I see a dirt trail and ride it.
Top Results:
 1st- Kenda Cup XC championship cat 1, 5th- XC nationals cat 1, 2nd- UCLA RR collegiate A’s, 2nd- Stanford crit in collegiate A’s, 7th- Vail lake Pro Mens. 
Favorite Race Course:
Either Boulevard or UCLA. Climbing hills seems to be my thing.
Favorite Place to Ride:
 Anywhere in the mountains. Palomar is definitely a really fun ride!
Race Bike:
Giant Propel Advanced with Sram Red 22 and Zipp 303’s.
Favorite Food: 
This is a no brainer—Harmony Bars! The white chocolate chip blondie is amazing!
Drink of Choice: 
MRI EO2 Edge Tropical Punch.
If I’m Not Riding: 
I’m either working or studying for my engineering classes at UCSD.
Life Goal: 
First American to win Milan San Remo or Paris Roubaix?
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me:
I have a secret passion for cars and motorcycles that my bike doesn’t know about.