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CJ Williams

DOB: 05/05/1991

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

Category: Cat 2

Discipline: Sprinter.

Top Results: 1st 17/18 State Champ 2009, 2nd Dana Point 2011, 2nd Dana Point 2013, 1st Ontario GP 2013.

Favorite Race: Dana Point, Manhattan Beach.

Place to Ride: Pasadena Montrose group ride.

Race Bike: Giant Propel w/SRAM Red 22, Zipp 404 Wheels.

Favorite Food on the bike: Harmony Bars.

Favorite Food off the bike: Panda Express.

Drink of choice on the bike: Hemo Serge AKA MRI Serge.

Drink of choice off the bike: Brisk Strawberry Melon, Fruit Punch.

If I'm not riding: Spending time with my family and girlfriend.

Life Goal: To just make people happy, never hurts to smile. HTFU.

One thing you do not know about me: “CJ” stands for Calman Jr.