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Erick Sobey

DOB : 9/18/1985

Hometown : Peoria, Arizona.

Category: 1

Discipline: Road Sprinter

Top Results: 3rd Place - Pro 1/2 Race Barry Wolfe - 2012, 1st place Valley of the Sun Criterium

Favorite Race: San Dimas!

Favorite Place to Ride: Northern California—San Bruno in the beautiful Redwoods.

Race Bike: Giant Propel w/SRAM Red 22, Zipp 303 Wheels

Favorite Food on the bike: Harmony Bars, Harmony Bars, and Harmony Bars!

Favorite Food off the bike: Banana-Oat Pancakes with Cinnamon all over it!

Drink of choice on the bike: MRI Edge/Surge/Beta Charge cocktail - FIRED UP!!

Drink of choice off the bike: Bulletproof upgraded coffee with coconut oil and cinnamon.

If I'm not riding: I'm resting and watching game tape.

Life Goal: Stay entertained and focused until the end. Always be busy or relaxing.

One thing you do not know about me: I went to college in Boulder, CO and never once rode a bike while I was there. What?!?