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Tait Campbell

DOB : 1/12/1985

Hometown : San Diego, CA

Category: 2

Discipline: Criterium / Road 

Top Results: The most decorated Cat 5 racing career west of the Mississippi. 

Favorite Race: BWR.

Favorite Place to Ride: San Diego / Santa Barbara.

Race Bike: Giant TCR Advanced O.

Favorite Food on the bike: Harmony Bars!

Favorite Food off the bike: Mexican food‑the end. 

Drink of choice on the bike: MRI 

Drink of choice off the bike: Duchesse De Bourgogne, Belgian Sours are my jam. 

If I'm not riding: Laughing, family, friends, coffee, burritos, bikes, dogs.  

Life Goal: See "If I'm not riding" answer. 

One thing you do not know about me: I'm actually not a pure climber despite my slender physical appearance.