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Date of Birth: 6/11/1976

Hometown: Del Mar, California

Bio: Notorious for challenging the norm, Joel Tudor is a global surfing icon who has seen and done it all. He’s a two-time ASP World Longboard Champion; has won eight US Open Longboard titles; a number of Brazilian jiu-jitstu championships, and authored one of the most successful photo books in surf culture, “Surf Book.” An understudy of ’60s and ’70s surfing legends like Phil Edwards, Nat Young, David Nuuhiwa, Miki Dora, Wayne Lynch, and Gerry Lopez, Tudor melded their time honored approaches to forge his own path and boldly encourage a new generation of non-conformists to flip the bird at the “usual” way of looking at modern day surfing.


Tudor revitalized the longboard community with the introduction of his unconventional Duct Tape Invitational events—a back-to-basics style fest that rewards first-rate footwork and noseriding on heavy, leashless, single-fin logs. After a few year’s worth of taking this format around the world, Vans released “The Ductumentary” which details both Joel and the event’s unique approach. A walking encyclopedia when it comes to music, art and surf culture, SPY is proud to call Joel an ambassador of Crosstown and a member of our family.