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Date of Birth: 10.18.1992

Hometown: North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Bio: It’s been more than a decade since John John Florence joined the SPY family, and he has since grown from a grom phenom to the leader of the new guard. Like the classic punk and metal that fill his headspace, his mix of technical mastery, speed, distortion and heavy amplification compliment an expanding catalog of new school tricks.


Despite being one of the youngest surfers on the elite World Championship Tour, John John has been in the spotlight since before puberty. At just 8 years old, he began turning heads on the North Shore, a stretch of beach renowned as surfing’s hollowed grounds. He made history as the youngest competitor to surf the Triple Crown of Surfing at age 13, and hasn’t let up since. Since then he’s won the coveted Triple Crown twice (and holds the record for youngest winner), and has raised the winner’s trophy at the Volcom Pipe Pro an astounding three times in a row. Not to mention Rookie of the Year honors for the 2012 ASP season, and his self-produced movie “Done” taking home the top prize at Surfer Poll.


Despite the hype, John John has stayed grounded and mellow, spending his downtime at home in Haleiwa, Hawaii, where his smooth, effortless style flows evenly across the skate parks and surf spots in and around the Seven-Mile Miracle. But when it’s game time, he is as comfortable off the Rock as he is on it, standing tall in the heaviest of throaty barrels and busting jaw-dropping moves in all conditions around the world.


John John is blurring the line between contest surfing and freesurfing and finding the balance between the two where other prodigies have failed.