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Date of Birth: 7.30.1983

Hometown: Cayucos, California

Bio: The Central Coast of California isn’t renowned a breeding ground for professional surfers, but obscure landscapes have been known to produce equally enigmatic phenomena. Nate Tyler is a testament to this fact, carving a career out of Morro Rock through oft-times cold, blustery travails. Nate’s style combines the elements of modern surfing relevance with a penchant for lofty front side punts and forehand carves, all of which are well-documented with major parts in some of the highest profile movies of the last five years, including Volcom’s “BS!,” Globe’s “Year Zero,” and Innersection.


Growing up in the doldrums between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Nate tends to avoid the chaos of typical California pro surfer life, preferring the simplicity of life off the grid in the house built by hand by his father that he was born in, and in an interesting twist of fate, he bought a few years back. But when duty calls, he is always down to jet off to exotic locales to help document the sport and spirit of surfing in film and photos, cast in familiar parts deep under or high above the lip. Logging trips through Central and South America, the Indonesia archipelago, Australia, New Zealand and even Dubai, Oman, and Yemen, Nate’s worldview and cultural experiences have translated into an ethos that is timeless, authentic and altogether awe-inspiring. And as you might expect, magazine profiles and covers have followed.


Nate takes the road less travelled, you can’t see his footprints, but you can feel his impact through the air, water and honest smiles gracing the Big Blue Marble.