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Date of Birth: 1/24/1989

Hometown: Encinitas, California

Bio: Ryan Burch is an extinct species—a young pro surfer that not only shapes his own equipment, but questions and pushes design to new, truly unique places. Extinct—but paradoxically—futuristic. “He embodies the future of surfing,” says Joel Tudor. Not that you’d need any more convincing after a prophetic endorsement of the highest order from Tudor. But the fact is, Burch is an open channel of inspiration and creativity among a generation that’s more interested in a 4” screen than challenging the status quo.


From his early days as the average up and coming contest grom, Burch transformed into an ambassador of asymmetrical, creating obscure craft from unconventional materials, and earning praise for his work as an explorative, upcoming shaper. He won the Young Guns of Shaping contest at Sacred Craft in 2010, and can often be seen anywhere from Cardiff to Bali with a smile on his face, riding anything from homemade 9’6” logs to a 4’ block of foam. Oozing positivity with a penchant for the unusual, it’s no wonder Burch has found himself on SPY’s elite surf roster.