The Science of Happy

The SPY Happy Lens™ is the only lens of its kind available anywhere in the world. With a patent-pending on its therapeutic qualities, the Happy Lens™ was designed to maximize the transmission of the sun’s “good” rays—while still blocking out its “bad” rays—so you can enjoy nature’s awe-inspiring beauty in ways you’ve never seen or felt before. SEE BETTER. FEEL BETTER.

On top of all the happy stuff, the Happy Lens™ has color and contrast enhancing features that will leave you happy from the moment you put them on. In fact, we guarantee it with our SPY HAPPINESS GUARANTEED money back offer. If this isn’t the best lens you have ever worn, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Want to know more? Channel your inner Stephen Hawking and check out a sampling of studies that show how beneficial long wave blue light can be to your mood, alertness, and circadian rhythm.