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Happy Lens™
Happy Lens™ - SPY’s color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens™ is the only lens to maximize the transmission of the sun’s “good” rays. See Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.
ARC® (Accurate Radius Curve)
ARC® (Accurate Radius Curve) - Lenses that are injected in a unique tapered shape to provide optically correct, distortion-free viewing at all angles, ensuring against discomfort and eyestrain.
ANSI Certification
ANSI Certification - Our shades were made to protect your eyes in more ways than one. Select SPY sunglasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified for lens retention and high mass impact resistance.
Spectra™ Lenses
Spectra™ Lenses - Mirrored lenses that contain multiple layers of mirror for a look that is equally unique as it is effective by reflecting glare in full sunshine.
Anti Fog
Anti Fog - Our Anti-fog lenses have a super secret extra strength coating that keeps your lenses clear as day, all day long.
Lexan Lenses
Lexan Lenses - Our extra tough Lexan lenses with posts are tear-off compatible to provide the highest level of clarity in motocross.
Trident™ Polarized
Trident™ Polarized - Blocks over 99% of glare and is layered and sealed within SPY’s injected ARC® lenses to prevent scratching, delaminating and hazing of your polarized filter.
Victory Lens™
Victory Lens™ - The Victory Lens™ repels moisture and oils to keep your vision clear on your path to the podium. In your defining moment, don’t let sweat and grease cloud your vision to the front.
Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses - Contact mirrored lenses are engineered in all your favorite low-light tints, with a unique blue mirror color that increases definition, cuts glare, and reduces internal reflection.
Cylindrical Lens
Cylindrical Lens - Low-profile lenses with a classic look. More flexible than spherical lenses, they conform perfectly to any face.
Spherical Lens
Spherical Lens - Spherical goggles feature strategically placed curves to reduce glare and provide distortion free viewing, while offering increased insulation and airflow to prevent fogging.
Lock Steady™
Lock Stead™ - The quickest, fingerprint-free lens change system on the market—allowing you to adapt to changing light and weather conditions at the touch of a button.
Scoop® Ventrilation System
Scoop® Ventrilation System - Combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the face by forcing air through strategically placed vents on the frame.
Hytrel™ Rubber
Hytrel™ Rubber - Peak Series and Performance pieces use this rubber on nose pads and temples tips. It becomes tackier when introduced to moisture to help keep shades on your face.
Fast Track™
Fast Track™ - The quickest lens replacement system ever gives you the clear advantage when light conditions change. Pop, pull, replace, ride.
Face Foam
Face Foam - Geo-force, triple-layer, expanded, Isotron™, and ergonomic face foam are all engineered to keep your goggles sitting comfortably on your face while you ride.
Flight Strap™
Flight Strap™ - The streetwear-inspired Flight Strap™ utilizes a Velcro system to prevent slippage, eliminates the need for readjustment, and fits perfectly under helmets.
Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible - Every one of our goggle frames is designed to fit a wide variety of helmets to minimize the space between eye and head protection.
Silicone Ribbing
Silicone Ribbing - This thin strip of silicone inside the strap keeps your goggles in place, protecting your eyes from face shots without any loss of sensation or pleasure.
Flex Frame
Flex Frame - Our polyurethane Flex Frame fits comfortably to the contours of your face no matter how cold it gets.



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