Eye Can See Clearly Now

Happy Glass combines our Happy Lens and polarized technologies with world class Italian-made glass to create the most premium color- and contrast-enhancing and scratch-resistant lenses with therapeutic benefits on the market.

Scratch Free Is The Way To Be

Lightweight, but tough, Happy Glass can withstand even the most brutal environments without scratching. Whether it’s sand, keys, or other miscellaneous items doing battle in your backpack or pocket, Happy Glass comes out unscathed.

Happy Lens Technology

Happy Lens™ harnesses the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light, which can improve mood and increase alertness, while offering protection from damaging short-wave blue light.

Get Polarized

Combine this with polarization, which blocks 99% of glare, for an unparalleled visual experience; colors are more vivid and surroundings more defined, resulting in incredible optical clarity and an enhanced view of the world.

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