For the Slope Slayers and Park Pirates

Every frame we design pairs a unique style and personality with uncompromised fit, clarity, and technology so even the snowiest conditions won’t stop a clean run. If you're looking for insane peripherals, maximum venting power, and the quickest lens change systems on the planet, keep scrolling...




Deadbolt’s magnets securely guide the lens into place while the locking levers bolt it down. It’s a ride so secure you can plunder pow in peace.

Lock Steady™ 2

The quickest fingerprint-free lens change system on the market, Lock Steady 2 allows you to adapt to changing light and weather conditions at the touch of a button.

Quick Draw

Utilizing a sliding lever to swiftly release the lens, Quick Draw gives you the upper hand to duel with ever-changing weather conditions on the fly.

See Better, Snow Better

Dull landscapes vanish with Happy™ Lens Tech, providing increased clarity, sharper focus and accentuated changes in terrain while reducing eye strain and boosting your alertness.


We’ve Got Your Eyes Covered

Light conditions can change at a moment’s notice, and our color range of lens and lens change options allow you to quickly adapt, letting you focus on your run instead of the sun.


An extra-strength coating on the inside of the lens absorbs moisture immediately so you can enjoy clear lenses all day.

Additional Features

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