SPY Helm vs. Discord ->

Who does the classic wayfarer better than the bigger, bolder Discord and Helm? Watch as Charlie outlines the details that make these wayfarers unique and better than the boring renditions that are cluttering dumpster bins across the globe.

SPY Cyrus vs. Montana ->

The Cyrus and the Montana are some of SPY’s boldest sunglasses. Problem is, they look so damn similar. Sit tight, and Charlie will give you all the details that set these two iconic frames apart.

Most Popular Sunglasses for Men ->

SPY has all the most popular shapes and styles for men sunglasses. Watch Charlie breakdown the best of SPY into three categories: Lifestyle, Wraparound, and Active. See Better & Feel Better with SPY.

Most Popular Sunglasses for Women ->

From all time favorites to the latest frames, SPY has got ‘em all for ladies looking to strut in style. Watch Charlie showcase the latest and greatest sunglasses for women. Find out which frame is right for you.

SPY Polarized Happy Lens ->

Two lens technologies fused in one lens. All SPY polarized sunglasses come with the incomparable HAPPY lens. Find out what makes our polarized lenses better with Charlie.

SPY Lens Color Guide ->

How do you choose the color of your sunglass lenses? Not sure what to pick or want to see if you’re choices are on point, watch Charlie breakdown the 3 factors SPY looks at when recommending lens colors.

Polarized Sunglasses vs Mirrored ->

When it comes to mirrored lenses and polarized lenses, there’s just one detail to remember: ones all about fun the other is about dealing with the sun. Learn what’s different between these two sunglass lens option with Charlie.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized ->

What’s with polarization and do I need it? Sit back with Charlie and learn what polarization means for your sunglasses and when you might choose to opt out of getting polarized sunglasses in your next pair.

What is Blue Light? ->

There are two types of blue light, and one has health benefits you don’t want to miss. Check out our video, and Charlie will tell you all about the difference between HEV and long-wave blue light.

Best Sunglasses for Small Faces ->

When it comes to sunglasses, fit is key. Sit back with Charlie and Kim as they go over their 5 tips for choosing the right sunglasses for small faces.

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads ->

Finding sunglasses that complement your large brain-case doesn’t have to be difficult. Sit back with Charlie as he gives you the simple rules for choosing a pair of sunglasses for large heads and the SPY styles made for you.

SPY How to Buy Safety Glasses ->

Don’t settle for throwaway “safe enough” safety glasses. Invest in a pair you can take with you on and off the jobsite. Sit back with Charlie as he explains what to look for in a quality pair of safety glasses.

Best Safety Glasses for Mechanics ->

What glasses do gearheads need to keep them safe? Take a seat as Charlie breaks down the 4 key points for finding the best safety eyewear for mechanics.

Safety Sunglass Collection ->

Shopping for safety glasses just got easier with SPY. We’ve looked at the offerings on the market and decided we could do better. Sit back with Charlie and check out SPY’s stylish collection of safety glasses.

Sunglass Size Guide ->

Shopping for sunglasses, but don’t know where to begin? Find out how to pick the right frames with Charlie and Kim from SPY in our Sunglasses Size Guide.

What to Consider When Buying Snow Goggles ->

Shopping for your next pair of snow goggles doesn’t have to be hard. Sit back and relax with Charlie and Casey as they go over the key details to look for when buying snow goggles.

SPY Snow Goggle Collection 2018-2019 ->

The SPY premium goggle line is jam-packed with value. For the best performance out on the slopes this winter, kick back with Charlie and Casey as they give you the download on SPY’s snow goggles for 2018 and 2019.

SPY Legacy VS Bravo Snow Goggles ->

The Legacy and the Bravo are SPY’s spherical snow goggles that you need to take on your next snow trip. Watch as Charlie and Casey share the similarities and differences between these two SPY signature snow goggles.

SPY Ace VS Marshall Snow Goggles ->

The Ace and the Marshall are some of SPY’s best snow goggles on the market. Kick back with Charlie and Casey as they highlight the similarities and differences between these two amazing snow goggles.

Introducing the SPY Ace EC Goggle ->

The first goggle to feature SPY’S new electrochromic ONE Lens™ technology, the Ace EC packs the power of three lenses into one injected cylindrical lens that changes tints with the touch of a button.