Standard color enhancing high-contrast lenses increase a limited amount of colors while other colors are diminished, and the colors that are enhanced are only 15% more than the naked eye. This reduces enhances color in an unnatural and unbalanced way, providing an inferior visual experience.

HAPPY BOOST™ was designed using a proprietary formula developed by artificial intelligence that tested over 10 million unique lens combinations, which lead to one incredible lens that offers up to 30% color enhancement beyond the naked eye. This means ALL colors are enhanced, without sacrificing any others.


HAPPY BOOST™ enhances color and contrast up to 30% more than the naked eye and at least 15% more than other brands’ lenses, allowing you to enjoy more of what the outdoors have to offer.


HAPPY BOOST™ features our revolutionary patented HAPPY™ Lens Tech that lets in the good blue light that helps to boost your mood and alertness.


From full super-bright sun, to dipping in and out of tree cover, HAPPY BOOST™ Bronze with our Ice Blue Spectra Mirror was specifically formulated to provide mind-blowing color and contrast in a wide variety of conditions.