Let’s be clear – our patented Happy Lens technology isn’t going anywhere

introducing HD and HD+

Lens technology that gives you high definition visuals, delivering great color and contrast along with the therapeutic benefits of our patented Happy Lens technology.

Combines the superior clarity of our digitally mastered high definition lenses with the therapeutic and visual performance benefits of our patented Happy Lens. Enhanced color and contrast, improved mood and alertness, and impact resistant distortion free optics in one kick-ass package that SPY loyalists have come to know and love.

Our patented lens technology preserves the natural therapeutic effects of sunlight and provides visual performance benefits. Increased contrast and clarity highlight changes in terrain while enhanced color rendering presents colors that are more pleasing to the human eye. Research suggests that prolonged wear can help to improve mood and alertness.

High quality, impact resistant lens materials are digitally mastered at exact specifications to create superior optics—eliminating distortion at all angles, increasing clarity, and providing the optimal viewing experience while reducing eye strain and fatigue.