Three tints one lens zero hassle

The first goggle to feature SPY’S new electrochromic ONE Lens™ technology, the Ace EC packs the power of three lenses into one injected cylindrical lens that changes tints with the touch of a button.

SPY's ONE Lens™ features ElectroChromic technology for a zero hassle lens change experience.

One Lens, All Conditions

  • 1. Dark Persimmon

  • 2. Medium Persimmon

  • 3. Light Persimmon

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one Lens Technology

Empower yourself with SPY’s electrochromic ONE Lens™ technology for a zero hassle lens change experience. With one touch, an electronic pulse is sent through an invisible filament sandwiched between an injected cylindrical dual lens to instantly change the tint of the persimmon-based lens. Three settings controlled by a lightweight battery pack allow you to instantly adjust for any light condition—sunny, mixed, or flat—on the fly.

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  • Electrochromic

    An electronic pulse changes the tint of an  invisible filament sandwiched between the lens

  • Haptic Feedback

    Battery pack vibrates when lens changes tint

  • Lithium Ion Battery

    Rechargeable and guaranteed for up to 5,000 tint cycles

  • LED Indicator

    Multi-colored LED indicates battery status

  • Lightweight

    Power module weighs 25 grams, comparable to the weight of a AA battery

  • USB charging

    Plug into any USB outlet with included cable

Stay Charged Up

Stay Charged Up

120 minute charge time yields at least 150 tint cycles

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Ace EC with one Lens