Built for the Slope Slayers

Where progressive style meets game-changing tech - Every SPY+ Snow Goggle pairs unique design with amazing fit, crystal clear vision, and best-in-class tech features... so even the most brutal conditions won't ruin your fun. Keep scrolling for more info on how our goggles set the standard for on-snow style and tech...


See Better, Snow Better

Say goodbye to dull terrain and say hello to a life-changing vision on the slopes. Our patented Happy™ Lens Tech is engineered to enhance color and highlight changes in terrain while boosting mood and alertness for a game-changing snow sliding experience. See the difference below.



Deadbolt’s magnets securely guide the lens into place while the locking levers bolt it down. It’s a ride so secure you can plunder pow in peace.

Lock Steady™ 2

The quickest fingerprint-free lens change system on the market, Lock Steady 2 allows you to adapt to changing light and weather conditions at the touch of a button.


Artist Collaborations

Our strap is their canvas - Each season, we work with a select group of designers and artists to showcase their work on our Snow Goggle straps. From concept to execution, these inspiring collaborators bring their vision to life for the world to experience through the products.

We’ve Got Your Eyes Covered

Light conditions can change at a moment’s notice, and our color range of lens and lens change options allow you to quickly adapt, letting you focus on your run instead of the sun.


An extra-strength coating on the inside of the lens absorbs moisture immediately so you can enjoy clear lenses all day.

Additional Features

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