Best Goggle for Your Riding Style

Chris Rasman wearing Happy Boost Snow Goggles

Snowboarding and skiing offer endless options for experimentation, evolution, and self-expression. How you outfit yourself is key to getting the most out of your ride, and you’ll wanna snag a pair of snow goggles that jive with your vibe. When there’s good synergy between your gear and your method, success is guaranteed.

Are you a park rider, backcountry enthusiast, weekend warrior, or a family fun seeker? No matter which style speaks to your soul, this guide is chock full of rad designs to make each ride a peak experience. To help us break it down, we recruited freeskier Tom Wallisch and snowboarder Chris Rasman to share their faves.

Park Rider's Choice: Megalith

Tom Wallisch wearing the Megalith Snow Goggle in Mammoth

If tricks on the features (and anything you can turn into a feature) are the type of skiing or snowboarding that inspires you to hit the slopes, odds are you’re a park pirate. From high-stakes moves to low-consequence grabs, a low-profile ski goggle like the Megalith has the altitude to take your park ride to the next level — whether you’re taking a chill lap or soaking up killer sights from the lift.

Tom Wallisch Red Megalith Snow Goggle

“This frame fits my face perfectly and has so much visibility. Absolutely the best for any sunny day!" - Tom Wallisch

Designed with crystal clear views to the edge of your peripherals, this retro-inspired style features our patented HAPPY™ Lens Tech and RISE™ ventilation system to create the perfect companion for an epic park sesh. The SPY+ Tom Wallisch edition, with otherworldly strap art and our patented therapeutic HAPPY™ Lens is one of the best ski goggles to throw on when the sun is out at full strength.

Tom Wallisch skiing in Mammoth wearing the Megalith Snow Goggle

Backcountry Bliss: Marauder Family

Slackcountry — er, backcountry — whether that’s heli-skiing or a spot just slightly out of bounds where the ski patrol can’t see ya, is a blissful existence for riders and skiers who crave the sense of freedom that comes with wide-open terrain. It’s also fair to say that you’re a bit of a risk-taker. If you’re down for bombing hard snow but you live for fresh powder, you’re a backcountry big sender who’s well suited to the features in our Marauder family of goggles.

Side View of the Chris Rasman Marauder Snow Goggle
Chris Rasman Snowboarding with the Marauder Snow Goggle

“The Marauder is hands down my favorite SPY+ snow goggle. The lens change system is so easy, the field of view is amazing, and it gives me the best optics when I’m riding.” - Chris Rasman

The Marauder Elite (toric lens), Marauder (cylindrical lens), and Marauder SE (cylindrical, new smaller edition) offer high-powered snowboard goggle options for the ultimate visual experience. When you’re plowing through pow in the backcountry, distortion-free optics are key.

The Marauder line is equipped with super-strong magnets for fast and easy lens changes with our top-notch Deadbolt™ lens locking system, so there’s no chance of dropping a lens in the white room. You can ride worry-free. This style also comes with a free premium bonus lens, so you’re covered in any light condition.

The SPY+ Marauder Chris Rasman jellyfish strap features our revolutionary HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Technology, now available with a black mirror for sunny days (and equipped with a low light option as well). If you’re looking for one of the best snowboard goggles around, this is the pair for you.

Weekend Warrior's Choice: Marshall 2.0

You work hard, and you play hard. While you’d love to hit the slopes on the daily, the reality is your schedule only allows for so many rides a year — but when you’re in, you’re in!

As a weekend warrior, you want premium performance from your snowboard goggles without breaking the bank. The Marshall 2.0 delivers a sleek, understated vibe that SPY+ fans know and love, newly updated with a toric lens for insane visibility and a wider strap for an improved fit. You’ll find all the signature SPY+ features, including our therapeutic HAPPY™ Lens Tech for enhanced color and contrast, impressive anti-fog technology, and quality construction for a comfortable fit.

Front View of Marshall 2.0 Snow Goggle

Affordable Family Fun: Crusher Elite Jr.

Hitting the hill with the family is your favorite way to get out there and slide, but outfitting the groms can add up quickly. Snow goggles for snowboarding and skiing, like our Crusher Elite Jr., come through with signature SPY+ performance at a price that’s easy on your wallet. Packed with a surplus of features in a smaller-scale frame, you’ll appreciate all the details, including fun strap graphics with everything from weiner dogs to french fries.

Front View of the Crusher Elite Jr Snow Goggle

Lens Technology Matters

Front View of the Marauder SE Snow Goggle

Lens technology is a deal-breaker. A high-quality lens is going to wildly enhance clarity and sharpen your focus so you can see all the subtle nuances of the terrain. Our patented HAPPY™ Lens Tech has delivered an incredible visual experience for our consumers since 2013, and now our HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Tech delivers super vivid color and contrast that redefine how you see snow — and the world at large.

In 2022, when we released this life-altering, mood-boosting technology, Fast Company called it out as one of the most exciting things happening in consumer tech. And sure, we’re a little biased, but we’re confident you’ll agree. When you’re looking through a lens that’s perfectly tuned for light conditions with our HAPPY BOOST™ color, you’ll not only see better, but you’ll feel better, too. Regardless of your riding style, our therapeutic lens tech, ranging from HAPPY™ to HAPPY BOOST™, is featured in all of our snow goggles.

Love geeking out on tech specs? Take a deep-dive into the technical nuances of our snow goggles and read up on the gamut of filter colors we offer for sun, mixed light, and flat.

Whether you're an inbound slider, a seeker of backcountry adventures, an occasional snowboarder, or a ski fanatic who’s out with the whole gang, we hope you’re feeling awe-inspired and well-equipped to pick the best goggles for your riding style and budget. Want more info or ideas? Just give us a shout!

- SPY+