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At Spy, we fully embrace and cultivate the skateboard culture through our athletes and events.

Our sunglasses aren't just ordinary accessories; they serve as expressions of personality and creativity for riders who share the same passion.

Today, it's the female riders who take the spotlight. Just a few days ago, the Board'elle Fest took place in Bordeaux. It is an epic skate event created by girls, for girls! Our ambassador, the awesome skateboarder Shani Bru, is the driving force behind this gathering.

"I'm totally invested in the Darwin Hangar association. I really wanted to shine a light on women, not just female skateboarders, but also all those who are part of urban culture. The artists in music, painting, and more,"

The Board'elle Fest is an exclusive skateboarding event reserved for girls only - organized by French skateboarder Shani Bru, in collaboration with the Darwin Hangar Skatepark. This event aims to promote skateboarding among girls, inspire them, and bring them all together. It's also a day of initiation with various workshops, all set in a festive atmosphere filled with music and refreshments.

It used to be rare to come across girls at spots and skateparks, but as skateboarding continues to evolve, this "unwritten rule" that skateboarding is exclusive to boys has drastically changed over the past five years!

"The message I want to convey through this event is that if you're a girl, you can jump into skateboarding, no matter your age or skill level. The goal is to inspire everyone and also inspire girls who want to become artists." emphasizes Shani Bru.

More and more female skateboarders are standing out and making waves in the world. One remarkable example is Nora Vasconcellos, a professional skateboarder and one of the few people to have a pro model shoe with the iconic three-stripe brand, Adidas. As a member of the "Girl Skate Network" crew on YouTube, Nora isn't just your average skater; she's an icon and a significant figure in the global skateboarding scene.

Recently, a young skateboarder named Gin Woo made headlines. At only 12 years old, she competes with and even surpasses some of the world's best professional skateboarders. Hailing from Yokohama, Japan, she's literally propelling women's skateboarding to new heights.

This movement of female skateboarding is also thriving in Europe, with figures like Shani Bru and Lucie Curutchet, both proud ambassadors of Spy Optic!

In Shani's final words about the Board'elle Fest, she says,

"The idea is to bring together female skateboarders and send a powerful message: Women are present in the skateboarding community too!"

Shani's Instagram : @shanibru